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Clients tell us they feel that we treat their money with the same care as we would our own money.  That level of service is indeed our objective. And that is why our business has grown so steadily that we have recently added more staff to help, and why our business has a $0 marketing budget and grows steadily through referrals.


The Financial Advisors in the west Hamilton office at 1685 Main St W provide full service financial planning.  We investigate a client’s objectives, experience and risk tolerance, and then develop individual and unique strategies to meet the objectives.  We prepare projections and find appropriate investments for the client.  Then we follow up on a regular basis to adjust strategies as conditions require or as objectives change or new objectives arise.   We are available for consultations on everyday financial issues and questions, as they arise in our clients’ lives.  And we try over time to increase our clients’ financial knowledge through coaching and education.


We always work with our clients to develop customized portfolios that suit their individual needs. While the specific investments and financial strategies that we use for each client will depend on their unique circumstances, we adhere to a specific investment philosophy. It isn’t flashy. It’s somewhat dull. We practice mostly value investing, whether it is deep value in the style of Benjamin Graham or Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP) in the style of his most famous student, the legendary investor Warren Buffett, or the newer Quality At a Reasonable Price (QARP) style. When prices are right, we also support dividend focused strategies. And we like low volatility investments, because if your investment doesn’t go down as much as the market, it doesn’t have to go up as the market either to end up beating the market. These are a few of the investment styles we may adopt when determining suitable investments for our clients.


We cannot eliminate volatility, but we try to minimize the risk of permanent losses for our clients.  We encourage clients to focus on choosing investments that coincide with their long term goals, rather than chasing short term performance or attempting to capitalize on market momentum with frequent trades and other short term trading strategies. We haven’t found any evidence to suggest that these market-timing strategies can provide sustainable, long-term returns higher than that of the market, and they don’t fit with our investment philosophy.


As Manulife Wealth Inc. advisors, we are independent advisors, who are free to choose whatever investments we feel are appropriate for our clients without having to satisfy quotas for our employer or firm (provided the investments pass the financial stability standards of Manulife Wealth).  This allows for an objectivity not found everywhere else.   This independence allows us to truly work in our clients’ best interest.


We welcome new clients.  Give us a call for an initial consultation meeting, but be prepared for it to take a couple of hours.  We don’t see how anyone can learn in only a single hour enough about you to develop a customized financial plan or investment strategy for you, or how you can learn enough about us and our style, to know if we are a fit for you, in such a short period of time.  We are prepared to invest some serious time in you, if you are prepared to invest your hard earned savings with us. 

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