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Our Team

Elaine Royds

Senior Financial Advisor


Elaine is a Senior Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with an MBA in Finance. She started investing in the stock market on her own at age 21. And when she became an advisor in 1997, she was trained in Warren Buffett’s Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) style of investing. That is still the main investment style she uses, but investing is only a small part of advising. She places great emphasis on tax and estate planning and having a financial roadmap that tells clients what steps they need to take to get them where they want to go financially. She believes in regular meetings to track the progress toward financial goals and to adjust investments should markets have changed. Generally though, Elaine promotes long-term investing rather than trying to chase market returns or predict short term phases.


Elaine has grown her practice without having to do any marketing to attract new clients. For the last 17 years, she has relied solely on referrals and now has drawers of clients with the same last names. She is glad to be affiliated with Manulife Securities Incorporated, especially since it is one of the last places where an advisor can work and be able to give truly unbiased advice, without having to meet quotas by promoting their dealership’s proprietary product.


Elaine also works for Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. to help clients manage their risk – death, disability, medical, including medical while travelling.

Jordan Royds

Financial Advisor


Jordan started investing as a teenager and attended seminars on the Growth At A Reasonable Price (GARP) investment style that was invented by the legendary investor, Warren Buffett, whom many acknowledge as the greatest investor in the world. He worked part-time on occasion through high school in an advisor’s office, but then decided to pursue a career as an electrician. He became a master electrician and foreman. In 2015 he tried working at Manulife Securities Incorporated while he was on vacation from his electrician job. After one week he couldn’t believe how fascinating he found the job. Then after 2 weeks, he left his former job to work full-time at Manulife Securities Incorporated and has never looked back.


Jordan is a full service financial advisor concentrating on equity investment strategies like Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP), dividend focused, low volatility, deep value and strategies that use derivative products (options and futures) to minimize downside risk.  He believes that a portfolio that drops less than the market in a downturn, doesn't have to capture all of the upside in a strong market in order to stay ahead of the market over the long term.

Sarah Breimer

Investment Advisor Assistant


After getting her Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University, Sarah worked at a law firm doing bookkeeping, payroll, billing etc.  Prior to that she had experience in the hospitality industry. Sarah came to Manulife Securities Incorporated as an Executive Assistant in 2017.   She moved into her Investment Advisor Assistant Role in March 2022. 

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